Retirement Evaluations

Evaluations for meters to determine end-of-life accuracy, estimated remaining lifespan, and component weaknesses

When a meter reaches the end of its service life, Utility companies need to verify accurate functionality before official retirement. Verifying the performance of an end-of-service meter helps Utility companies understand the remaining lifespan of their meters & components and prevent misreported usage rates from other meters that may be close to failure.

Our retirement evaluations involve a combination of laboratory and in-situ testing to verify the final performance of revenue meters and prevent customer disputes over accuracy. By measuring the accuracy at the installation site and in the laboratory, a meter can be verified for measurement consistency. Additional laboratory testing, such as Comparative or Failure Analysis, can be also performed to estimate remaining service life for meters of the same model or similar age.

Our extensive testing capabilities help you determine the remaining lifespan, accuracy and components of your meters. With the field experience and laboratory expertise to evaluate meters of all types, we help Utility companies verify meter model functionality for end-of-service meters.

Retirement evaluations should be performed at set intervals in a meters lifespan to prevent long-term inaccuracies or mass meter failures. Schedule a retirement evaluation today to ensure that older meter models continue to function accurately and estimate remaining meter lifespan.