MET has experience testing to the following requirements:

  • GR-63-CORE
  • GR-487-CORE
  • GR-1089-CORE
  • GR-3108-CORE

T.E.E.E.R Certification

MET is a recognized Verizon ITL that is certified to conduct energy efficiency testing on telecom products purchased by Verizon. MET evaluates NEBS products to the VZ.TPR.9205 document to generate a Telecommunication Equipment Energy Efficiency Rating (T.E.E.E.R):

The products that require TEEER testing include:

  • AC- and DC-Powered Equipment
  • Customer Premise Equipment (External Power Adaptors)
  • Data Center Equipment
  • Transport Equipment

Lead-Free Certification

MET is approved by Verizon as an ITL for Qualification Requirements for Printed Board Assemblies Manufactured with Lead-Free Solder to VZTPR document VZ.TPR.9307.

Wireless Testing

MET performs the testing required in the revised Verizon document VZ.TPR.9203 which details wireless requirements by location for testing to GR-63-CORE (environmental simulation), GR-1089-CORE (electromagnetic compatibility and safety), and VZ.TPR.9205 TEEER (energy efficiency).