Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is evolving to encompass quick-charging batteries, public charging stations, and sophisticated on-board components that enhance battery performance. Adequately evaluating EVSE equipment, like charging hardware, infrastructure components, and on-board vehicle equipment is critical to maintaining market share and ensuring future electric vehicle compatibility with EVSE infrastructures.

We provide EVSE evaluation, testing and certification for inlets, outlets, connectors, cables and charging stations. With a full range in-lab capabilities, we can help you certify your product for use according to relevant industry and OEM standards. Additionally, our field evaluation capabilities allow us to inspect and approve public or private EVSE installations for safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

We also maintain close relationships with EVSE and electric vehicle manufacturers to keep you abreast of upcoming changes in technology and compatibility. As EVSE is not harmonized among automotive manufacturers, we help you stay at the forefront of EVSE technology based on regulatory, industry and OEM technology adoption.


Related Testing Standards and Regulation:
  • FCC Part 15.107
  • FCC Part 15.109
  • FCC Part 15.203
  • FCC Part 15.207
  • FCC Part 15.225(a)
  • FCC Part 15.225(b,c,d)
  • FCC Part 15.225(e)
  • FCC Part 22
  • FCC Part 24
  • IEC 61851
  • IEC 62196
  • ICES-003
  • NEMA 250-2003
  • RSS-132
  • RSS-133
  • RSS-210
  • UL 2202
  • UL 2231-1
  • UL 2231-2
  • UL 2594
  • UL 2251
  • SAE J1772
  • SAE J2293
  • SAE J2894
  • CSA 22.2 No. 107.1-01

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